Brian Moore:         Lies   of   Silence

Chapter 1

 Who are Michael Dillon, Moira and Andrea and what do we know about them? 

 What are the main events in this chapter - make a list ?     













 Page 7: "She looked at him..." Whose point of view do we have?

 The characters.                                            

 Characterize the main character:

How does Michael differ from Mr Dillon ?

How does the main character relate to other people ?

In what respects do you find him (un-)sympathetic ?

What do you think of the couple Michael - Andrea ? And Michael Moira ?

 Characterize Moira and Andrea, respectively


 The marriage: Do you think Moira's analysis is correct ?

 The setting: What sort of society do we hear about ?

 Themes: Which themes do you find relevant so far - give reasons.
Change / adultery / freedom / cowardice / courage / deceit., other themes?
Make a list of the dilemmas of this chapter. What are the options (give reasons) ?

 The narrative technique       

 What elements in the text create suspense in the reader' s mind?    

 What elements in the text (details, images, situations etc.) seem to have a significance beyond its context? 

 Find examples in the text of dialogue, interior monologue, flash backs, warnings and hints ?

 What do you see as the dramatic peaks in this chapter?    

 Creative writing:
In the double bed Michael obviously chooses the kind of communication expressed    in the title: Lies of Silence.

 Re-write the scene, so that (at least) Michael and Moira are more honest to each other.
 As a writer you   are completely free to form the end of the chapter as you may please, but of course you 
 must respect literary conventions of probability, variation, style etc.


 What things may happen now - at the end of chapter one? Make a list of possibilities.



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