English  exercise

 Lies of Silence


Choose one to three of the following assignments (1-5) and write in all between 2 and 3 A 4 pages. Then translate the Danish text into English and the English text into Danish.


  1. Give your personal review of Brian Moore’s Lies of Silence. Your target group of readers is people of your own age.


  1. Discuss the following, critical statement (quoted on  my homepage):

Few would question Moore's ability to write a gripping thriller but many suggest that the novel fails to convince because it suffers from crude and naive political statements and stereotypical depictions of the main players in the northern conflict. The terrorists are tough and fearless, have acne and are poorly educated. The police are complacent in their treatment of the hostage incident. The priest is depicted as being in complicity with the IRA in way that could only be offensive to the many priests who have worked tirelessly to bring about change in the north. The narrative strains at times under Moore's tendency to infuse it with clichéd political statements. Some critics have proposed that Moore's perspective, writing as an emigrant of many years, has succeeded only in reinforcing these old clichéd images of the Northern situation rather than subverting them.


  1. You are a journalist and supposed to make an interview with one of the following characters: Moira or Andrea. The interview is supposed to be made some time after the murder of Michael.


  1. You are a journalist and assigned to write an obituary notice of Michael’s dearth.

  2. Write a short additional chapter (chapter 11).




Michael Dillon er en temmelig dygtig hotelmand der har drevet sit hotel Clarence frem til succes. Han kan imidlertid ikke helt glemme sine gamle drømme om at leve som en romantisk digter. Det er måske den egentlige grund til at han har mange problemer privat.  Forholdet til konen er noget kompliceret af at hun føler at hendes liv mangler udfordringer og værdier. Hun har opgivet sit lærerjob, og meget tyder på at hendes sygdom også har noget med de private problemer at gøre.

Det synes som om at de ikke længere har noget at sige hinanden.

Om Moira helt har forstået at Michael har en affære med den meget yngre Andrea fremgår ikke tydeligt af romanens handling. I hvert fald gør Michael ikke noget for at bringe sandheden frem, og i det hele taget er hans liv i høj grad baseret på det som romantitlen kalder Lies of  Silence.



Oversæt til dansk:

Lies of Silence is characteristically written in a straightforward, accessible prose style, which lends itself to the novel's suspenseful plot. The suspense derives from the fact that the dilemma faced by Dillon has both personal and political implications. If he informs on the IRA, he puts Moira's life at risk. If he does not, he places dozens of other lives in danger. The psychological wrangling that results for him is made more complex by his intention to leave Moira and by the question of whether or not the IRA themselves have issued a warning about the bomb. The twists and turns which arise from his decision make the novel an exciting read.

Along with being a thriller, the novel is a scathing attack on the “wink and nod” and “turn a blind eye” mentality that has allowed the conflict in Northern Ireland to continue over the decades. Dillon is a successful manager of a Belfast hotel hoping to escape his unsatisfactory life by moving to London. He is apolitical. He has no interest in becoming entangled in the conflict which surrounds him and, for this reason, he is perhaps an ideal character through whom to explore the many lies of silence which are synonymous with Northern Ireland.