Arthur Miller: All My Sons, Act 3 - 2

p. 166 - 167

What does Jim want to do once he is back?



Any changes in him ?



His relationship to Ann?




p. 167 - 168

Analyse the dialogue between Joe and Chris.




What kind of punishment does Chris want for hid Dad ? How does Joe defend himself?




Any important lines ?



p. 169

“. . a man can’t be Jesus in the world.” Comment




p. 169

Larry’s letter ?




p. 170

How does Joe Keller react after having tread Larry’s letter?




p. 170

What does Joe mean by saying: “…they were all my sons.”




p. 170

Mother’s  and Chris’ responses to Joe’s leaving ?




p. 171

Is Joe’s suicide justified and expected?



Explain why Chris reacts the way he does.