Lesley Glaister: Serrusalmus (p. 81-84, 25)



Prepare answers to the following questions:



  1. What do we know (and what don’t we know) about the protagonist?
  2. In the text we meet various examples of transparent / glassen boxes or tanks. Mention some examples.
  3. “Ants are like people” is changed into “People are like ants”. What does that suggest?
  4. What is “agoraphobia”? Check this video out.
  5. Why does Marjorie prefer her fish to the ants?
  6. What species of fish has Marjorie got, and which is the favourite? How do you know?
  7. Who is Mick? What feeling does he provoke in her? What image is used about that feeling (p. 83, l. 18)?
  8. How did Marjorie happen to meet Mick? Why did she open her door to him? Why doesn’t she like him?
  9. Which of Marjorie's fish is ill? Why did the author choose that one, do you think?
  10. When Mick holds the fish in the air, how is the fish's situation described? And Marjorie's?
  11. The fished drops down as a "doomed angel". What does that suggest?
  12. Once the fish is dead, how do Mick and Marjorie react ?
  13. Explain the "glimpse of weakness and fear" that Marjorie detects in Mick. And when he's back to normal, how does he react? Whose point of view do we have here?
  14. What happens in the text (p. 85, l. 13)? What effect does it have on the reader?
  15. Why does Marjorie let Mick in after the last episode?
  16. Comment upon p. 85, l. 34.
  17. How does Marjorie take her revenge?
  18. Do you see a happy ending? What is the 'message' of this story?