Questions to Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: ”Clothes”, p. 172-174.


1.      The story starts a) in medias res, or b) through an introduction?

2.      Who tells the story (a 1st person narrator or a 3rd person narrator) ?

3.      Why is Mita having a bath?

4.      Why does Mita not listen to her friends’ querstions?

5.      What things does Mita especially remember from her childhood and youth?

6.      Why is a young man going to visit Mita later that day?

7.      What do we know about him?

8.      How does Mita like that?

9.      What is every woman’s destiny?

10.  Who is Radha, and why has she not yet been married?

11.  Whys is Mita going to wear a pink sari?