Terry McCarthy: WARNING (Contexts, p. 56-58), Time magazine

       Answer the following questions:

p. 56

1.       Was Andy a lonely boy – or did he have friends? (p. 56)

2.       Who are Josh Stevens, Ashlee Allsopp, John Fields, and Katrhleen Seek,  and how would you characterize the
relationship between them and Andy?

3.       How did Andy communicate his problems to his friends?

4.       What is meant by “Maybe a fuse finally blew”?

5.       What sort of music did Andy listen to? In what way did it inspire him?

p. 57

6.       Did Andy leak his plans before carrying out the school shooting?

7.       Who is Chris Reynolds and how is he engaged in the school shooting?

8.       What happened Monday morning right before the school shooting?

9.       How did Andy get a gun?

p. 58

10.   Were more people than Andy charged for taking part in the school shooting?

11.   Who was / was not present in court?

A YouTube video about Andy Williams