Oplæg til forløb i 2u enB/BHO om ”poverty” (social inequality):


·         Optakt til emnet: Brain storming (mind map / definitions / Topoi *)

·         Ken Loach: “Sweet Sixteen” (Filmstriben.dk)

Before the twentieth century

·         Fairy Tale: ”Hansel and Gretchen”“Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven”

·         Jonathan Swift: “A Modest Proposal” (Ireland – Satire –
Era of Enlightenment/Rationalism/Neoclassicism)
 BBC literary debateVictorian Web (Swift) – Grade Saver (A Modest Proposal)

·         Charles Dickens: extract from “Oliver Twist” (England -Victorian Age – novel)

The twentieth century/The great depression in the USA

·         “Brother, can you spare a dime?” - lyrics

·         Jacob Riis: Photographs of US poor people

·         Charles Chaplin: Modern Times (filmuddrag: pigens familie/sult)

·         John Steinbeck: “Grapes of Wrath”  (filmatisering af John Ford)

·         BBC Arena Woody Guthrie (TV-documentary) – Woody Guthrie lyrics

Our time

·         Dorris Lessing: NHSS (short story – fra London Observed)

·         Homeless People: The PavementThe Big IssueSpeech Debelle (article BBC) - Shelter

·         Poetry: Sally Baker: “Fake Leopardskin Coat”, Neil Astley: “The Hound Of Baskervilles” – Poverty Poems

·         Film: Ken Loach: “Poor Cow”

·         Google search/web links: Poverty in UKPoverty in the USAChild poverty

·         Barabara’s Guest Commentators: “What it feels like to be poor”

·         Jacob Holdt: American Pictures

·         YouTube: Poverty in AmericaPoverty in UK

·         Extracts from new UK novels with focus on immigration


1.       Definition

2.       Comparison – contrast

3.       Cause - effect

4.       Examples