Direct Rule


  1. What is Stormont? How long time had it been governing NI? When was its last day of functioning in the 70s?
  2. Who decided to “strip the parliament of its power” – and why?
  3. How was NI then going to be ruled?
  4. How did the IRA respond to the new situation? And the other side?
  5. Who called for a strike? What was the consequence?
  6. What was Craig expected to do? Why do you think this did not happen?
  7. Who followed Brian Faulkner as official  leader of NI?
  8. The Protestant side organized a strike. How did the Catholic side react to direct rule?
  9. How long did the period of Direct Rule last?

Cease-fire and Bloody Friday

  1. What was the result of the attempt to call a cease-fire in March 1972? What was the consequence of the failure?
  2. Why did the IRA declare a permanent cease-fire in May 1972?
  3. Who are the Provisonal IRA? What did they want for accepting a cease-fire? Did they get the deal?
  4. Why did the talks between the IRA leaders and William Whitelaw end negatively?
  5. What was “Bloody Friday”?