Tekstboks: Grøn – øvelse 7 






Joan came running into the classroom.

“Hurry up, George,” she cried. A [BH1] bank robbery has happened. There are police [BH2] with dogs and everything, and an ambulance also arrived.”

“Take it easy,” George said. “How do you know that it’s a bank robbery?”

“So many things happen nowadays,” he continued. “Somebody is perhaps shooting a movie.”

Joan admitted that she did not know precisely what had happened. “But there were at least ten policemen,” she said eagerly. “If nothing had happened, would there have been so many police?”

George could see that she was right. “If it’s a bank robbery, my grandfather will [BH3] be sorry. He’s got all his money is in the bank, and if anything happens to it[BH4] , I don’t know what he’ll do.”

Next day they read in the newspaper that a bank robbery had actually been committed, but as no one had seen the robbers’ [BH5] car, the police were [BH6] without any clues.

Fortunately George’s grandfather had moved all his money to another bank the week before. Later the old man said that he had had a feeling that something could happen to his savings, and that consequently he had transferred them, but George thought that his grandfather had put the money into [BH7] the new bank because he could get a much higher interest rate there.





 [BH1]Ingen there hvis det ikke står sammen med en form for ’be’

 [BH2]Police er flertal

 [BH3]Fremtid (is going to… er også fint)

 [BH4]’money’ eksisterer kun som entalsord



 [BH7]into – når noget forstås som ”ind-i”