Grøn øvelse 5


When we reached the harbour, the ferry had already left[BH1] , and we had to wait for
the next ferry at 4 o’clock. I was very irritated,
as [BH2] we had actually been[BH3]  at the harbour when the boat had arrived, but because my sister was mad that she hadn’t got [BH4] a blouse my father had promised her, we drove into town again.


When we had been driving [BH5] around for [BH6] nearly one hour to find a place to park, and
when  we
had  finally found [BH7] an empty space, all the shops were closed, of course[BH8] .
All the
holiday [BH9] had been like this. We had been so busy [BH10] getting [BH11] from one place to another that there had been no time to see anything.


Take last Tuesday: We had gone to Gothenburg at 10 o’clock in the morning, and we
agreed to go to [BH12] the amusement park there, Liseberg. But first we wanted [BH13] to have lunch.
When we had eaten, my sister had got a headache and we
spent  [BH14] two hours finding a chemist’s[BH15] .

When she had got her pills, she wanted coffee, and we didn’t reach Liseberg until
7 o’clock. By then it was only three hours
until [BH16] closing time.

I promised myself [BH17] that this was the last time ever that I went on a holiday with my sister.


 [BH1]V1 – Adv V2

 [BH2]as=årsag, when=tidspunkt

 [BH3]V1 – Adv – V2

 [BH4]get, got. got

 [BH5]udvidet tid for at understrege aktiviteten

 [BH6]for (tiden gået), in (fremtid)

 [BH7]V1 – Adv – V2

 [BH8]of course bør placeres i enden af sætningen.  ”Naturally”=på en naturlig måde.

 [BH9]vacation= universitetsferie, amr.

 [BH10] busy  udløser ”ing-form”

 [BH11]getting, going > coming

 [BH12]mest enkelt med infinitiv

 [BH13]want=ønske, would (=fremtid sat i fortid)

 [BH14]spend udløser ing-form. ”Use” mere positivt= at bruge til noget.

 [BH15]Husk ’s = butik

 [BH16]til=indtil- until/till

 [BH17]ét ord + (ikke komma foran that-sætning)