Nash Candelaria: El Patrón


Work sheet: group work Þ class discusion


1.      Find examples of Spanglish in this text. Translate the Spanish words into English.

2.      Which of the five themes does this short story contain (check the introduction + model p. 9)?

3.      Find as many representations/examples in the text as possible of the theme(-s) you have picked.

Questions to control and expand your understanding of the text:


4.      What kind of hierarchy does Señor Martinez believe in?

5.      Who is the narrator? Where does he live? What does he do for a living? Who are his family members?
 How is the relationship to the various family members?

6.      Who is Pancho Villa that the father-in-law refers to?

7.      What is the reason for Señor Martinez’ visit?

8.      Why does he list a number of wars? What wars does he actually refer to?

9.      Why does Lola serve such a miserably meal for her dad?

10. Why does Tito mean so much to Señor Martinez?

11. Why does Tito come and see the family, too?

12. What is Tito’s problem, and how does he want to deal with it?

13. How does the eventual family council pass off?

14. What kind of compromised / understanding is reached between Tito and Señor Martinez?

15. Could a story like this have taken place in your family?