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Class work texts:


Literature & language links


Walls of Shame (YouTube)-Latinos-  El Patrón- The Wedding -The Scholarship Jacket -

Contemporary texts
Maragaret Atwood:The Age of Lead (1) - (2)
Fay Weldon:In the Great War
oris Lessing:

The Classics:

The Complete Works.
èEnotesè Etext Enhanced (translated) è Shakespeare Onlineè Absolute Shakespeare èShakespeare Sonnetsè The Elizabethan World Picture (Great Chain og Being) - Renaissance -

Jonathan Swift: A Modest proposal
Spark Notes
A Modest Proposal (Wikipedia)
A Modest Propoasal (sound files)
Jonathan Swift- timeline
Jonathan Swift - Biography

The Tell-Tale Heart
Questions -
Interpretation of The Tell-Tale.
Poe's Short Stories (e-notes) - Glossary - Worksheet 2

Coleridge: The Ancient Mariner (e-notes) - text (+glossary) - Romantic elements

Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn (e-notes/text -analysis)

Robert Frost: The Road not Taken

Marlowe: The PassionateShepherd - Raleigh: The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd - Glossary to the 2 poems - questions/worksheeet-

Barry Unsworth:
Morality Play - notes - ch 4

Definition of a Morality Play

Shelley: Ozymandias - interpretation - Wikipedia

Hanif Kureishi: My Son the Fanatic 1 - 2 Ny!
Tom McAfee:
This Is My Living Room
Cynthia M Rich: My Sister's Marriage
1 - 2 - 3

Caryl Churchill: The Ants (question sheet)

Arthur Miller links:
Question sheets: Act I, p.
111-127 - Act II, p. 127-137,
p. 138-158,  Act III a - b - c

All My Sons (Andrew Robert Moore)   - Grade saver(opgaver (side med reklameskrammel))
General A Miller page with links to other plays - Video clips 

 - Essay on AMS (+ 20 pages)

Wikipedia - IQtest.com - Fun Education IQ-test - Rorschach tests  -  Multiple intelligences -MI Map- Boston Public Schools- General intelligence - Scientific American (GI) - (NB: Some links refer to commercial sites!!) -

Flowers for Algernon
Worksheets - Text - Interview Daniel Keyes- Working material Rorschach 1 - 2 - 3Neuroscience of Intell.
BBC - Hot Topics - IQ implants  - First borns -Brain games - Test the nation - BBC Links to I.Q. -
Surveys and psychological tests (BBC)
English IQ assignment


September 11th Revisited -
Jena High School
Washington Post - article

Fairy Tales

Jack and the Beanstalk
Fairy Tale Test -
African fairy Tales 1 -  African fairy Tales 2 - Tales of  Wonder - Myths, Fables, and fairy tales
Jack and the Bean..1 - Jack and the Bean..2 - Jack and the Bean..3 - The Red Shoes -

African fairy Tales
Where Stories come from
The King of the birds

John Steinbeck: The Pearl:

The Pearl 1 - The Pearl 2 - The Pearl 3 - The Pearl 4 -- Side med Links - The Pearl 5 (35-43)-The Pearl 6 - The Pearl 7- The Pearl 8 -  The Pearl 9

Inner City Youth, London

Bully on line -Kidpower - Kidshealth
Radio (BBC):
Mean Girls - Getalife

Telegraph Articles (Michael hamer)

Child depression

Modern life leads to child depression
Modern life leads to child depression(BBC)

The Nickle Mines shooting

Islam - The middle ground on Islam and West  (BBC)

Alle verdens aviser - The Daily Telegraph - The Times -
The Independent - The Observer -
The Guardian - The Evening Standard - The Evening Press - The Sun -  The Mirror -The New York Times - Washington Post -

TV  News

CNN - BBC - ABC - ITV - Discovery -


Time Magazine - Newsweek -


On line dictionaries:

Lingro.com - Click on words you don't know
Merriam-webster dictionary
Visual Thesaurus

US Presenditial Elections
TV2 Morgen - USA links
Martin Luther King: I have a dream..

US Election 2008 The daily telegraph



History of literature
The Norton Anthology &

A Brief History of English Literatureè
Wikipedia English Literature è
A History of English literatureè AboutCom/Classical Literature è

The Classic Reader


The Wondering Minstrels (p. archive)

 About Poetry - The Poetry Society - The Poetry Kit - BBC Poetry 

NonFiction & media texts (How to analyse..)
 - Novel Guide Analysis - Electronic text Center - BBC Books by Author - The British Library - The British Library Sound Archive - The Cliff Notes Series -- The Complete Review
- The British Literature Index

Facts: -
BBC Index Site  - BBC Learning -- Open University

Analysis & interpretation:
teacher's notes Nyt !


Ap-øvelser (ES) - GG-øvelser

Nørre G's øvelser- Skanderborg G

Ap -repetition

Language Links - Visl - John's ESL Community - Guide to Grammar & Wrirting - To Learn English - Word classes -

IT & English : Internet i K 12 schools


Rules - exam etc.
Engelsk A:læreplan - vejledningen
Studieretningsopgaven (læreplan - vejledning

EMU-links til opgaver
AT - (læreplan - vejledning - fagkonsulentbrev

All-time 100 novels (Time)

American Speeches (Google links)


Penguin - WHSmith - Amazon -

AT-opgaver - hjemmesider - Madrid:
At - Mexico - Revolutioner

3g-At:  Madrid -  - Metropolis 

AT-forløb (Ressourcerum) - At-grupper  - Billedgrupper 
Programfor rejsen  -  Se Hotellets  hjemmeside
Madrid (Google Earth)

Plan your visit to London
Science Museum - The British Museum The NationalGallery- Ancient Egypt -
The National Portrait Gallery -
The Tate Gallery-
The Imperial War Muesum-Natural History Museum (Dinosaurs etc) - National Dimosaur Museum - The Kew Bridge Steam Museum- The Victoria & Albert Museum-
The Museum of the Moving - Image (MOMI) - Museum of London (Look for Voices On-Line) - London Museum of Archeology - London's Transport Museum - Tower Bridge -

General Links to London/ UK
London Town Com - Travel London - Virtual London - British Council - Visit Britain (Det britiske Turistkontor DK) - Maps - London Budget Accomodation -Net London Com -

How to go to London
Ryan Air -

Class work grammar: Exercises

Stil March-Ungdomshuset

Elephant - kommentarer
Elephant -stor stil

Red exercise 5
Grøn os p. 43
Stil dec - se kommentarer

Your book report - a guideline3

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On line Dictionaries..        Ny!




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