Arthur Miller: All My Sons

p. 138-9

How does George behave towards everybody?



p. 139

George drops some hints. What do you make of them?



p. 140

How do George and Chris get along?



p. 141

What happened when the fraud took place according to George?



p. 142-3

The word “lie” (“liar”) is used or referred to a number of times. Find the places in the text, and comment upon them.



p. 143

What does Chris respond to George’s accusations?



p. 144

How do George and Mother get along? How do you explain that?



p. 146-48

What kind of relationship seems to exist between George and Lydia?



p. 149

Why is the whole atmosphere suddenly less tense?



p. 150

What can George report about his father’s situation?



p. 151

What problem did Steve (=Ann’s and George’s dad) have according to Keller?



p. 152-3

Another lie appears. Give the details.



p. 154

Who finds out about the lie, obviously?



p. 155

What is Ann’s situation? Stay or leave? Who wants which?



p. 156

How does Mother prove that Larry is alive (or cannot possibly be dead)?



p. 156

What does Chris suddenly understand?



p. 157-8

How does Keller justify what he did?