Arthur Miller: All My Sons, Act 2, p. 111-126


(p. 111-3)

1.      What is Motherís and Annís talk about ?

2.      What good reasons does Motherís give toAnn for Larryís being alive?

(p. 114-115)

3.      Frank asks some questions about Annís family. What does he want to know?

4.      How well do people in the neighbourhood remember Annís Dad? According to Keller? According to Mother?

5.      What does Ann herself remember from that period?


(p. 116 Ė 119)

6.      What does Keller tell reveal about the crime of Annís Dad? How was Keller himselfinvolved in the trial Ė and what did he do once he was released?

7.      What are Kellerís feeling for Steve (Annís Dad) now? And her feelings?

(p.120 Ė 122)

8.      What relationship seems to be between Ann and Chris? How long back does it go?

9.      Ann senses that Chris is kind of embarrassed sometimes. Chris admits it and explains why. What does he say?

(p. 123- 126)

10.  Someoneís on the phone. Who? How does Ann react?

11.  Who appears to be very worried Ė why ?