Arthur Miller: All My Sons, Act 3

Page 159-160

How did Joe and Ann react respectively at / right after the end of act 2 ? Explain!




p. 160

Who has always known..? And who has almost known ?




Why doesnít Jim agree..? What is his reason ?




Write down ďdiamondsĒ in Jimís lines:



p. 161

How does Joe react when he meets Mother? And she ?




p. 162

Which of the two appears to be stronger: Mother or Joe ?


What do you think of Motherís suggestions?


What does Keller himself think ?



p. 163

Why doesnít Mother think that the family is a good enough excuse for what Joe did?


What does Joe think about that ?



How does Joe think thathis two sons differ?



p. 164

When Ann appears, she wants something from Mother. What ?



p. 164-5

Motherís response..?



p. 165

What proves according to Annthat Larry must be dead?


What does she do next to prove it?