E A Poe: The Tell-Tale Heart


Analyse the 1st paragraph carefully:

1.      How does the story start?

2.      The contents?
- the narrator’s mental state?
- his disease..?
- his faculty of hearing?
- his madness
- Whom does he address?

3.      The style?
- the structure of language (syntax)?
- the punctuation?
- the narrative tense?

Analyse the 2nd  paragraph carefully:

1.      The young and the old man’s relationship?

2.      The development of the idea..?

3.      His reason for killing the old man??

4.      Characterize the style of the language in this paragraph.

Describe precisely the young man’s procedures during the first 7 nights?
In what manner does he tell the story in this 3rd paragraph?

Describe precisely what happens on the 8th night!

Give examples from the text where the young man identifies himself with the old man.

Give examples from the text of the motifs/symbols of :

a)      death

b)      time

Characterize the examples from the text of sounds heard by the young man (l. 42 (hearkening to death watches), l. 44 (low stifled sound), l. 65 (sound of a watch…enveloped in cotton), l. 67 (drum), l. 69 (tattoo), l. 78 (muffled sound).

How is the actual murder performed? What does the young man do to conceal the deed?

How does the sound theme develop from line 103 and onwards?