Caryl Churchill: The Ants, p. 18 – 23


1.      Sum up grandfather’s attitude to the ants. In what ways does he see them as people? Why is that so?

2.      How does grandfather come to talk about aeroplanes? Why did he fly in an aeroplane?

3.      Why do the suddenly talk about a bomb? What bomb, do you think?

4.      Who is uncle Peter?

5.      Why do they suddenly talking about killing the ants? Who wants to kill the ants?

6.      Grandfather talks about terrible ants and locusts in other countries. Could he be talking about something else?

7.      Tim asks a double question. Which does grandfather answer - why?

8.      What question does Tim not answer? Or does he in a way?

9.      Why does grandfather stamp on the ants?

Read the rest of the text ….. and answer the questions..

1.      Tim doesn’t seem to understand what grandfather is talking about, when he talks about desertion. Could you explain what he means?

2.      How do Jane and Stewart respectively explain the situation to Tim? Do they do it the right way, according to you?

3.      How would you characterize the way Jane and Stewart talk to each other?

4.      How does the story end?

5.      What is the moral (message) of the story?